Kirby Smart

Kirby Smart

Many people know that Georgia’s head football coach Kirby Smart is slightly competitive. He’s got a lot of passion for the game of football. Smart is the kind of person that no matter what it is, he’s going to give 150 percent effort.

“I think it’s just wanting to be the best. For me, it’s always been a passion to coach. For me, if you’re going to do something, I’m all in, whatever I do. It doesn’t matter if it’s golf, checkers, or football,” Smart said. “I just think it’s important if you’re going to spend the time that we spend – the time that I spend away from my family and my kids, and not getting to be around them. I know our coaches would feel the same way. You’ve got to give all you’ve got.”

Smart wants his players to see how hard they work. He even comments that what the football players do is harder than the real world. It seems that Smart wants to set an example with everything he does, so that’s why when he does something it’s him giving it his all.

“I want these players to see day in, and day out, if they try hard, and they demand a lot of themselves to be successful in life. I don’t know that some of them realize the hard work they actually do. What they do here as players, it’s much harder than what they do in the real world,” Smart commented. “They’ve got to get up and go to class, work all day, go to workouts, do football, and then they do a 9-to-5 job, and they think that’s a little bit easier. I want them to be able to say that our coaches have set an example of giving everything they had every day. That’s important to me.”

Savannah Richardson