When I think of home, I first think of my home with my family in Atlanta, then next I think of Mom, her place with my stepfather in Marietta, Georgia. Texas flashes as I’m a Texan of more than several generations raised by a Texas father and partially by my best friend, a Texas grandmother who lived with us, Nanny.
It’s not long though before it washes over me like a third bourbon, my love for the University of Georgia. Athens stays with you…remember the great TV commercial? GEORGIA, she stays with you…forever…

I went to preschool in Texas, I went to Fair Oaks Elementary off South Cobb Drive, I went to Sandra’s school, I went to Marietta Junior Academy, I went to Osborne Middle School, I went to Big Lake School on an island off southern Louisiana opposite of the NOLA side, the Lake Charles Side. I went to Natchitoches Junior High School, I was shipped in from Weston, Louisiana, to play football at Jonesboro High School, when I was still at Jonesboro Middle, they even bussed me over there to the high school for last period, to take a mathematics more advanced than anything they offered at the middle school. In 1985, I went to Marietta High School. I went to Lassiter High School, then I went to Cobb County’s open campus Oakwood High School (the Unicorns). Finally, I went back to Lassiter, last semester, to finish up with my classmates; my girlfriend a stunning junior there and I a very good student.
I only ever went to one college.
And, Homecoming is Saturday at the nation’s oldest public university. Saturdays in the autumnal Deep South always in big part mean raucous revelry and adulation. Undulations toward and in victory for your side when you win, utter despair should you suddenly taste the sharp sting of defeat.
7-0 sounds like a touchdown…touchdown…my God a touchdown.
Glory. Glory.



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