Davin Bellamy (17) still has that club cast on his left hand/wrist

Davin Bellamy (17) still has that club cast on his left hand/wrist

Davin Bellamy is still practicing in a club cast, but it has not slowed him down and he continues to make plays in practice.

According to Julian Rochester, Bellamy had an interception in practice and with his “clubbed” left-hand. This had to be extremely difficult. Just imagine trying to secure a football with your hand in a boxing glove wrapped in gauze! But this shows that Bellamy has definitely begun to grow more comfortable with the club on his hand; although, it still does present a challenge for Bellamy because it directly affects the style of play that he likes to utilize at his linebacker position.

“I’m a hand-combat person when it comes to shedding blocks and pass rushing, so adding two to three pounds along with gravity to your hand kinda slows your hands down,” said Bellamy. “I just had to be more physical and kinda take my finesse game away.”

Kirby Smart did mention that he thinks Bellamy’s clubbed hand frustrates him at times because he cannot play the game like he would wish. However Smart is pleased with how he has taken this challenge of playing with a wrapped up hand and how he continues to practice well with it on him.


“I think it frustrates him at times. He can’t rip off and tear off like he wants to. He can’t bull and push sometimes,” said Smart. “But he’s done a good job. He’s gotten better with it this week. I think it’s something he’s got to get used to, and he’s starting to get more and more used to it. I think he shows a lot of toughness to go out there and play with it and not really let it concern himself with how he looks.”

This toughness and relentless effort has to be very pleasing for Smart and No. 17 teammates, and if Bellamy can continue to contribute with only one hand, then once he comes back fully healthy, he should wreak havoc on opposing offensive linemen.



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