Cade MAys

Cade Mays

1. Big Play Punch – With a plethora of speedsters at running back and wide receiver, the home run threat is a big-time weapon for the Bulldogs this season. As a huge, talented, deep and primarily youthful O-Line – more on that in just a moment – continues to improve with every game and practice, those “splash plays, “ long bombs, big runs, and electric catch-and-runs could be the primary touchdown punch.
2. Control the Offensive Front – Last season, the Bulldogs did what great teams do offensively, score touchdowns on long drives and on big plays. As deep, talented and massive as this offensive line is, a vast majority of the ‘big uglies’ are freshmen and sophomores. As they grow into a dominant force, so too will Georgia’s ability to put together those long, grinder drives dictated by a power run game. Controlling the front is a must on Saturday night and moving forward on Georgia’s quest for a stellar 2018 season.
3. Pressure Brent Stockstill – The son of Blue Raider coach Rick Stockstill, Brent Stockstill is one of the most accomplished active passers in college football. He has the third most passing yards of any active quarterback – despite missing six games due to injuries last season – and is on the Maxwell Award and Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award watch lists. Georgia’s pass rush will have to be at its best, or the Blue Raiders will move it through the air. And with what’s coming next week at Missouri, the Bulldogs pass rush will have to be at its best.
4. Win the Kicking Game – This is a must every time out. For so long, Georgia was hoping just to get a “push,” and avoid those dreaded Special Teams Disasters. Last season, the Bulldogs were tremendous in the kicking game, and again here in 2018, the goal every Saturday is to win this phase and use the special teams as a weapon. Being sound, executing the kicks, making the catches, avoiding the penalties, muffs and fumbles, that’s at the top of the list. Captain Obvious. Georgia would love to hit some big plays in the return game. There’s nothing like a special teams or defensive score to turn a game or break it open.
5.Continued Youth Movement Improvement – The Class of 2017, sophomores, the Class of 2018, freshmen. So much of Georgia’s roster and depth chart is made up of second and first-year players. The competition and environment created by Georgia coach Kirby Smart have paid championship dividends. Those battles in practice prepare the players for Saturdays. But there is nothing like that irreplaceable game experience to spur on the growth of any player. Saturday night against the Blue Raiders, these youthful standouts get another shot to shine.

Jeff Dantzler