Jake Fromm (11) and Ben Cleveland (74)

Jake Fromm has played exceptionally well since arriving in Athens. Winning an SEC Championship, Rose Bowl, and making the national championship game is what he has already accomplished after only one season at Georgia.


However, the best part of being Jake Fromm is that he doesn’t have to carry the team around him because he’s surrounded by freakish talent and he knows it.


“It’s so much fun to watch those guys work,” Fromm said. “All I’ve got to do is make sure the Mike points right, and watch those guys take care of the rest. With our running backs, too, it’s amazing to watch them hit the holes, watch them break the tackles they do. I’ve got the best seat in the house to watch a football game.”


Fromm specifically talked about one of his favorite weapons in Mecole Hardman. Hardman has been his go-to guy this season reeling in 8 receptions for 166 yards and two touchdowns flaunting his electrifying speed.


“When I throw a little screen pass to him I’m almost mad that he didn’t take my 10-yard pass 60 yards to the house,” Fromm said. “I’m mad at him for not taking it to the house just because he has that potential. As long as you get the ball in his hands, he’ll take care of the rest.”

Also, true freshman Cade Mays replaced starting left tackle Andrew Thomas when he went down with a knee injury in the third quarter against South Carolina. Fromm was quick to compliment Mays as well.


“He missed one that I kinda got on to him about, but other than that I’m surely proud of Cade,” Fromm said. “I talked to him after the game. I’m still proud of him. The way he came in there and really wasn’t expecting it, but you know when his number was called he was out there and he played really well.”


Fromm was asked about Demetris Robertson, who people believe is going to have a significant impact for Georgia this year despite not having a single reception last week. Having so much talent around Fromm can make it difficult to distribute the ball proportionally to so many playmakers, but the team doesn’t look at it that way.


“Everybody in the receiver’s room they’re completely bought it. The way the games have gone so far, we haven’t had to throw the ball 30 to 40 times,” Fromm said. “Guys are still bought in, and Demetris has done great things for us, especially the first game, taking that one to the house.


Finally, the best quote of the day from Fromm showed precisely why the team excels at the highest level offensively; selflessness.


“What I love about this team is, nobody’s ego is too big,” Fromm said. We don’t have to go and talk to guys. We’re bought in; we’re winning football games. The ‘Why me’ and ‘Poor me’ doesn’t happen to us. That’s the kind of maturity level we have as a team.”



Steve Conyers