Kirby Smart

Kirby Smart

Kirby Smart talked to the media on Saturday after the team’s first scrimmage of the season. One of the things he mentions most is how this team needs to find the leaders that last season’s team had. He mentioned two names during his Saturday press conference. Smart calls out Natrez Patrick and Isaac Nauta on their leadership abilities.

“Natrez has always been a good leader,” Smart says. “His stamina to perform at the SEC level has to improve so that he can go 30 plays in a row. He’s not afraid to speak up and challenges guys. His ability to sustain is the biggest thing he needs to improve.”

After complimenting the linebacker, he goes onto throw out Nauta’s name.

“He’s not afraid to speak up. He doesn’t care what you think,” Smart comments. “If he sees it, he calls you out on it. He’s answered the bell. He’s a positive leader on the offensive side of the ball.”

It seems Georgia’s found two leaders for the 2018 season. Nauta and Patrick both are veterans now and the mature shows. Hopefully, it’ll continue on into the season on and off the field.

Savannah Richardson