Kirby Smart April 13, 2017

Kirby Smart

During a radio interview yesterday, Coach Smart reiterated how important G-Day attendance is to the program:
“I always challenge the Georgia fanbase. We want you to come out. It impacts recruiting. I mean, so many of out kids from last year were impacted by that fanbase and by that atmosphere. It is going to be a beautiful day in Athens. We expect to have an awesome crowd and people turn out and come to reward out current players that want to play in front of a group like that. I think anytime you do that it is special and I certainly think we’ve got a special fanbase.”

Lorenzo Carter echoed Coach Smart’s point about the recruiting impact of a full house on G-Day:
“Recruits, they love it. What’s better than walking into a full stadium for a spring game. That just shows the support we have from Dawg Nation and it is a great look.”



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