Was this Brice Ramsey's last pass as a Bulldog?

Was this Brice Ramsey’s last pass as a Bulldog? The quarterback will transfer at the end of this semester.

Georgia went practice without pads on Thursday at Woodruff Practice Fields as the team ended its prep for the annual G-Day game.
“We are excited about G-Day. We have the teams divided up and the kids are motivated and excited. It should be a great game. I want it to be tight. I am hoping we can get these two quarterbacks into two-minute situations.”
When asked about quarterback reps for Saturday’s scrimmage, Smart responded:
“It will be very similar to last year as far as where they will go. They will both go with their respective units and then Sam (Vaughn) may go both ways. A little bit of it is going to depend on the score when we get Sam in the game. He may go one series with each, he may go two series with one or the other depending on the score of the game.”


Greg Poole