WOMEN’S BASKETBALL: Simone Costa Interviews Teammate Caliya Robinson

Caliya Robinson
Caliya Robinson

In preparation for the Georgia women’s basketball 2017-18 campaign, senior guard Simone Costa sat down with her teammates to recap their summers and look ahead to the upcoming season. Recently, Costa talked with junior Caliya Robinson, who returns as one of the top scorers, rebounders and shot blockers in the Southeastern Conference. The Marietta native has already made an impact in her short time with the program, placing on the SEC All-Freshman Team in 2016 and on last year’s SEC All-Defensive Team.
You finished strong last year and averaged 17 points per game over the last eight games of the season. How does that help you going into the upcoming season?
“I think me finishing strong last year was just a start coming into this season. As a player, even though I had a good finish last year, you never know how next season will go, but I know that I’m going to work extremely hard during the summer and during the fall to pick up where I left off.”
What are your personal goals this year?
“My personal goals for this season are for me to play hard 24/7, every game. And to push my teammates to be the best they can be. I think if I push them and I play as hard as I can, everybody else will be able to pick up off my energy and do the same thing.”
What have you seen out of the younger players this summer?
“Our younger players are not like just any other freshmen. As a freshman, sometimes you come into a new environment, and it’s something you’ve never experienced before. You’re either scared or you’re shy about things. Our younger players came in competing and came in working hard, never giving up. They never said ‘I can’t do this,’ they came in ready for what we are about to go through and ready for the season. I think they’re going to be ready to play in the SEC.”
What is the secret to being one of the best shot blockers in the SEC?
“I think there are a lot of good shot blockers. There is no secret, really. It’s more timing the ball and timing the release and you’ll be able to block the shot. Anybody can do it.”
What’s something no one knows about you?
“I’m a painter/drawer. And I like to work in art studios.”
Who’s your biggest inspiration?
“My dad. He passed away when I was younger, but I know a lot about him through what family and what my mom tells me. I think the reason why I play this game so hard is because he was never able to finish, so I want to finish what he started and be able to pick up where he left off.”
Why do you wear No. 4?
“Originally, it was 24 in honor of my dad. But when I got to McEachern [High School], I wasn’t able to wear 24 because someone else had it. So I just knocked off the two and did four. And four has been there ever since.”
Who’s your funniest teammate?
“The funniest teammate is Que Morrison. I would have to say Q or Maya.”
What makes Georgia a special place?
“The environment and the people around you. You’re surrounded by people you consider your family. There’s never anyone around here who isn’t happy to see you. Everybody around here knows who you are. You can consider anybody in this building or anybody at Georgia family because you’re able to talk to them whenever you want. They’re here to comfort you when you need them.”